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Cylindrical Wind Generators - For the University of the West England we have produced 2 cylinders which will be upgraded to a functional helium filled airborne wind generators. The first phase will be tested in wind tunnels and the next one will go in the open.

Solar Blimp Prototype – From November 2016 to July 2017 Aero Drum Ltd and HSR Rapperswil worked on a Solar Blimp prototype. The main idea is to have an Blimp flying without airtime restrictions. The first stage is over and continuing the work on subsystems.

Special Balloon Cylinder for Industrial Chimneys Inspection - In April 2017 we have made a special cylindrical Blimp aimed for inspection of Industrial size chimneys. The Balloon Cylinder can carry up to 3 kg of payload reserved for camera, camera mount and other related electronics. The size and shape fits waste majority of Industrial chimneys. Simple and HD quality chimney inspection up to 150 m. Special Styrofoam bumpers are keeping the balloon safe inside the chimney where debris or other hazards can be present. More at www.rc-zeppelin.com and www.aerialclick.com

Cornell University, USA – In 2016 we have made a 5 m RC Blimp for Cornell's High Voltage Laboratory. It will be used to test high voltages used on Blimp and other types of drones.

December 2016 – During the last month of 2016 we have made several RC Blimps. 7 m Outdoor RC Blimp went to Arizona, USA. 4.5 m indoor RC Blimp to Canada Windsor Express Basketball Club and 3.5 m RC Blimp to Belgium, Catholic School. Goodbye to 2016.

Skylifter, Australia - LTA for heavy payloads - 3m model of a 150 m actual size Skylifter. Skylifter design Mr. Charles Luffman ( LTA solutions ltd ) , Skylifter Mr. Jeremy Fitton and Aero Drum ltd. All rights reserved.

Rollmaps.com - This entire portal was photographed by Aerial Photography Systems made by Aero Drum LTD. Two Systems where used MA-01-07 DS1 and MA-01-07 DS1/B. Cameras Canon G10, 550 D and 5D Mark II. All Interested Aerial Photographers are welcomed to participate in this portal. There are no better references for our Aerial Photography Systems.

5 m Torus with Special Construction - Germany For Bitplant.de Gmbh & Co. IT. Services KG we have made a 5 m Torus with Special construction. All rights reserved Bitplant.de Gmbk & Co. IT. Services KG and Aero Drum Ltd.

UAV Hybrid between a Blimp and Plane - South Africa - For University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa we have made a 4.5m balloon in Zeppelin shape to be integrated with their project. The hybrid project is under the lead of Mr. Michael J. Brooks, Pr Eng. All rights reserved by Michael J. Brooks and Aero Drum ltd

Illumination of buildings For National Geographic - Mr. Dragoljub Zamurovic and Aero Drum ltd, during October 2008., made Aerial Photo Work of The Temple "St. Sava" in Belgradee. The purpose was to illustrate building illumination from different towns across Europe. The Aerial Photography has been made with Canon G9 12 Mpx and EOS 1 Mark III 21 Mpx. Both in angle position.

Felix Romuliana - RC Blimp Aerial Photo work for UNESCO Aero Drum ltd and Mapsoft, in spring 2006, have Photo documented the Imperial Palace Felix Romuliana near Zajecar, Serbia. The Aerial Photo work has been done for UNESCO in order to incorporate the archeological site in UNESCO's worldwide protected archeological sites of significant historical interest. The actual Aerial Photography work has been accomplished using MA-01-07 DS1 Aerial Photo system & Camera Canon 5D in Orthogonal position. The average height was 70 m above the archeological site. To make a complete photo documentation of the Felix Romuliana we have combined angle and orthogonal Camera position. More about Felix Romuliana at : UNESCO Felix Romuliana More about Mapsoft at : Mapsoft

High Altitude geo stationary platform - Together with a team from UK we are working on a high altitude autonomous platform. The project’s goal is to have an reliable point at high altitude able to retain its position in a few miles radius.

Solar Blimp Drone - The need for Aerial Surveillance has grown significantly in the last few years. The main focus of all emerging drones is as much air time as possible. In the last 5 years we are working on a Solar powered Blimp drone that is able to fly for hours. Bellow you can see a 5 m prototype that will be live tested shortly and based on obtained data the next step is a 12.8 m - 2 kg useful payload - real base model. The demand for such systems is global and grows every day. Investors are invited for the final phase of the base prototype (12.8 m) and as a partner in the global market sales. Estimated investment is 150 thousand Euro and the time needed to have it flying for final tests - 6 months. Free Flying / Autopilot / Blimp Drone - Investors invited

Tenerife, Spain – In early spring 2015 we have made a 10 m RC Blimp for a marketing and advertising agency on Tenerife, Spain. The special request was to set LED RGB lights inside the envelope.

The Ocean Cleanup - theoceancleanup.com: For a regatta in 2015 that was organized from Hawaii we have made a special tethered Aerostat with Garmin GPS camera to identify islands of pollution in the Ocean.

IFSEC Istanbul - Aero drum Ltd together with has participated at the Istanbul IFSEC Security Fair in 2013. Our stand was well visited and the interest was huge for Aerostat and free flying surveillance systems.

RC Safety valve for Blimps and Aerostats – During 2016 we have redesigned our RC Safety valve to make it lightweight and with faster helium release capacity. The total weight with servo set is 120 g (!!!) and the aperture is 45 mm allowing very fast helium release rate. Our RC safety valve is a set as a standard in all our outdoor Blimps and Surveillance Aerostats. You can be sure that you will preserve your blimps regardless to unexpected situations while flying.

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