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Solar Blimp – a reality

Aero Drum Ltd is actively working on the Solar Blimp for several years. The goal is to have a Blimp that is able to fly almost in definitively*. So far we have developed and tested several designs to come to the best possible blimp design with solar cells. Tubular Blimps where tested in 2015 and 2016 (T- Blimp 1 and 2). Although promising the main problem where that the contemporary building materials are still too heavy to get successful working design. AeroGel as a new material will possibly permit further development of tubular blimps.

The resulting design and tests lead us to offer 22 m Solar Blimp Drone. Highlights:

Price: 212.000 Euro
Production time: 3 to 5 months. Transport (Not in price) by FedEx or specified by the client.

* In definitively is restricted by helium refill, service and bad weather.

The current reality is that solar Blimps are a real possibility derived from existing building materials and technology. In design we turned to as simple solutions as possible. Minimum aerodynamic resistance and drag and direct drive are two main design features that, if respected, results in a functional Solar Blimp.

Specification 22 m Solar Blimp Drone

- 22 m x 2.3 m
- 45 m3
- Envelope 150 microns UK quality Polyurethane White
- Double welding technology
- Helium permeability maximum 0.5% on total volume daily
- Internal tubular ballonet to equalize internal pressure over time
- Intelligent internal pressure sensor and inflate/deflate system
- 5 kg of useful lift (Payload)
- 3 KW of solar films on top of the blimp
- Main motor Emrax 208 (320 or 125 V) 40 kW continuous 80 kW Peak power
- Lightweight fins with ailerons composite AeroGel/Carbon
- Aileron movement control Futaba FUTM0216 servos
- Double group of LiPo batteries (1 charging – 1 in use)
- Intelligent Power distribution - direct drive (from solar cells) or trough battery
- Auto pilot MicroPilot or other by choice (Optional)
- Payload up to 5 kg or more depending on setting
- Top speed 70-80 km/h – Cruise speed 40 to 50 km/h
- GPS Locator device
- Safety valve (manual or automatic)
- Futaba T16SZ
- Rail system for the move able gravity point of the Cabin and payload

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