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The envelopes are submitted to high pressure for at least 24 hours. Brushless motors, batteries, RC and rest electronics are rigorously tested prior to packing and transport. OUR WORDS AND WORK HAVE WEIGHT!


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All our RC Blimps, Aerial Photography or Surveillance Systems do not leave our workshop without quality testing.



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Advertising, Scientific & Surveillance RC & Autonomous Blimps. Tethered Systems for Photography, Scientific equipment and Surveillance. Custom made Blimps & envelopes up to 5000 m3. Long term projects development reliable partner. From 3D to real life custom balloons. — HEAVY LIFT STABLE BALLOON or BLIMP? – WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!

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Aero Drum ltd is a company that design and manufacture Remote Control (RC) Blimps, Aerial Photo Systems and other custom shapes and sizes. We use up to date materials and electronics and as simple and effective designs as possible to make reliable systems for every day use. Tether line balloon carriers for unlimited payload and Blimps up to 40 m (120 feet). Steady (tether line) Aerial Photo Systems and Radio Controlled Blimps due to stability and vibration free are ideal carriers for Still Cameras, Video HD Cameras, Infra red equipment, various measuring equipment, mine detection and all different kinds of remote sensing. All our envelopes are made of High Quality Polyurethane and introducing Ultrasonic welding.


Ecology statement: All our Aerial Photo Systems and R/C Zeppelins are made predominantly of recyclable materials. Our systems are made with considerate design, rechargeable batteries and quality electronics that last. Please buy our Aerial Photo Systems and Blimps if you have intention to use them wisely and adequately. Otherwise we all waste Nature’s resources. Copyright: All photos, graphics, videos and text on this web site are respective property of Aero Drum ltd. None of these materials can be used in any way without an explicit permission from Aero Drum ltd.

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